Alcohol, Marijuana and the Adolescent Brain

For the first time in New Zealand Dr Lindsay Squeglia, University of California, USA, a leading researcher on the effect of alcohol and marijuana on the adolescent brain presented alongside renowned researcher Professor David Fergusson, Founder and Director of the Christchurch Health and Development Study; and Nathan Mikaere-Wallis, Brainwave Trust Trustee at a symposium hosted by Brainwave Trust on the effects of alcohol and marijuana on the adolescent brain.  Read more

Impact of alcohol and marijuana on the adolescent brain – Radio NZ Podcast

Dr Lindsay Squeglia is a leading U.S. neuroscience researcher, visiting New Zealand for a symposium on Alcohol, Marijuana and the Adolescent Brain – organised by the Brainwave Trust.

She conducted the first longitudinal research on adolescents aged 12 to 18 exploring the effects of alcohol and cannabis on young people’s behaviours and performance. This involved scanning the brains of drinking and non-drinking teenagers over three years. Read more

Teenagers: it’s not their hormones – it’s their brain!

Moody, impulsive, doing crazy things and when your ask you get the answer “I don’t know”! Adolescence, a period of around 15 years, is and always has been a challenging period of life for both adults and teenagers. Click here for the full article.

Understanding the Adolescent Brain – Radio NZ Podcast

If you want to get a better understanding of parenting strategies to help your adolescent build their frontal cortex plus help you build a good relationship with them then take a listen to the podcast. Read more

How Cannabis Blunts Teenage Brains

This excellent article by Andrew Stone from the NZ Herald was published in the NZ Weekend Herald, Saturday, September 2012, based on the findings of The Dunedin Study, a longitudinal study 1037 children born in Dunedin between 1972 and 1973. Read more

The Adolescent Brain and Alcohol

This article provides a brief review of some key papers regarding adolescent alcohol use and provides a NZ context on the issue. Read the full article here.

It is Hard to Be a Teenager

A keynote address to Alumni and Friends of the University of Auckland, presented by Sir Peter Gluckman FRS, in Wellington 26 August 2010. Being an adolescent now is very different from being one just one or two generations ago and we will not understand the teenage years if we project our own experiences on to them. Read more