Love and Limits

Parents have many hopes and dreams for their children’s future. These might include – getting on well with others and having friends; doing well at school; getting a good job; being able to cope with life’s challenges; contributing to the community; being a good parent; and, being mentally and physically healthy. The options are endless really. But, how can we best nurture our children to increase the chance of them realising their potential? Read more

Embracing Imperfection

In a world surrounded by limitless access to information on parenting, and a strive for parenting perfection, author Miriam McCaleb implores us to accept good enough parenting as just that, good enough! She encourages us to put down our devices and to stop overanalyising all aspects of our parenting, and rather take a deep breath, slow down and prioritise our relationships with our children so we don’t miss those special moments. Read Embracing Imperfection here.

From Certainty to Complexity

Isolated studies, or even bodies of research on a particular topic, can only ever tell part of the complex story that underpins infant and child brain development. Risk & protective factors provide a more balanced and scientifically sound context. Read the full article here.

Drinking for Two: How Alcohol in Pregnancy Affects the Developing Child

Can alcohol do harm to an unborn baby’s brain? In this article Brainwave Educator Norma Hayward looks at the evidence around how alcohol in pregnancy may affect the developing child. Click here to learn more.

Early brain development in young children – Radio NZ Podcast

Interested in learning a little more about early brain development and some strategies for parenting young children? Nathan Mikaere Wallis was interviewed on National Radio’s Nine to Noon show on early brain development. Grab a cuppa and take a listen.

Why Babies Wake at Night

Brainwave Educator and author Hilary Nobilo looks at what might be perceived as an infant sleep problem is more often than not a normal part of infant sleep development. Read more

Understanding the Adolescent Brain – Radio NZ Podcast

If you want to get a better understanding of parenting strategies to help your adolescent build their frontal cortex plus help you build a good relationship with them then take a listen to the podcast. Read more

Love Connection

Your child’s first two to three years will affect her whole life. But when it comes to creating that all-important loving bond, the pressures of modern life – to earn more money, keep up with the Jones’s and answer that endlessly beeping phone – can get in the way. Emily Simpson talks to teacher and children’s advocate Miriam McCaleb about love, science and loud espresso machines. Read more