Economic justification for early investment well acknowledged in report

The Health Select Committee, who were investigating ways to improve outcomes for children in New Zealand, report is out. Brainwave Trust contributed to this by way of two submissions, the second was at the request of the committee. Brainwave’s Treasurer, Anthea Springford prepared a comprehensive economic justification for investing in the first few years, this is well acknowledged in the report.

It is pleasing to see a report generated by members from both sides of parliament which focuses on ways to improve outcomes for young children in NZ. The report continually recommends cross governmental agency collaboration to address the pressing issues. The first two paragraphs set the scene…

The major recommendations of this inquiry ask the Government to put more focus on and investment into the pre-conception period to three years of age, and take a proactive, health-promotion, disease-prevention approach (based on scientific evidence) to improving children’s outcomes and diminishing child abuse.

Such policy is not only backed by science, equity, and ethics, but also makes sound economic sense. It will result in more children leading healthy lives and progressing to meaningful jobs. Productivity will be increased and money will be saved; an investment approach is a win for children and a win for New Zealand.

Brainwave Trust is delighted we could so positively input into such a vital report about the importance of early years for our future generations.

Report_of_health_committee 19 November 2013