We rely on grants, donations &  sponsorships in order to continue our work.  It is necessary for us to ask for payments to help cover some of our administration & postal costs.  We  can provide an invoice for payment and will post out the resources you require with a receipt each Wednesday after payment has been received.  Please fill out a Resource Order Form or  email info@brainwave.org.nz with your requirements

Brainwave Trust Aotearoa has produced four DVDs:

Why the Early Years Count – our new science DVD:

A new 18 minute DVD showing scientific findings on brain development in the first few years in an easy to understand and easy to interpret format presented by experts in this field such as Dr. Bruce Perry and Professor Sir Peter Gluckman.

A child’s experiences in their early years have a profound effect on the architecture of their brain and this helps to customise each child’s brain to deal with the environment they grow up in. The information is presented in a format that is suitable for professionals and people working with or supporting children and their families. The viewer will gain an understanding of the latest findings in brain research and the important implications of this knowledge on the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of our children.

Brainwave is grateful to the Todd Foundation who funded the production of this DVD and to the families that took part in this film. It is available for delivery at a price of $30 incl. GST, packing and postage.           Purchase this DVD now.

The First Years Last Forever:

A 15 minute DVD for parents and caregivers:   Presented by Shavaughn Ruakere, this DVD looks at how loving relationships in the first three years of life affect brain development. It contains simple, evidence-based information for families that can have profound implications for the future of their children.  It is available throughout NZ for $25 incl. GST,  packing and postage.  Note that the page shown on the left is from Littlies Magazine April 2010.





The original Judy Bailey “The First Years Last Forever” DVD:
A 12 minute educational DVD available for $25.00 incl GST, packing and postage. This is ideal to slot into any meeting involved with child development or to include in a training programme.  Presented by Judy Bailey; it is an excellent introduction to early brain development and its implications for society.  Attention is paid to the flow-on effects into adolscence of experiences in the first three years of life.  Produced by The Brainwave Trust.

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