Early Years

The First Wave in Brain Development   Download an Early Years Presentation Flyer.

Brainwave has professionally trained presenters available to give presentations on early brain development.

Discover the amazing activities going on in a baby’s brain – how it develops and the vital importance of the first three years of life.

Brainwave’s stimulating power-point presentations are individually tailored to a wide range of groups – from parents and childcare workers to doctors, service groups and policy-makers. The talks can be structured in time from a half hour to a full day. A standard presentation lasts approximately one and a half hours.

Adolescent Years

The Second Wave in Brain Development  Download an Adolescent Years Presentation Fyer.

Concern about young people is not new.  Each generation is known to have concern about the generation following and we are the first generation to understand the changes that happen in the brain.  Recent research shows that there is a burst of neuronal activity in late childhood and adolescence that is linked with risk taking and impulsive, emotional behaviours typical of teenagers.

Consistent, nurturing and positive early experiences grow resilient, empathetic and intelligent adults. Conversely adolescents in New Zealand relative to other developed countries have a high rate of social morbidity.

In this informative, entertaining presentation the audience will gain an understanding of the latest information on brain changes and hence the behaviours we observe as a child transitions through adolescence to an adult.

Intended Audience

This presentation is for people who are working with adolescents – school teachers and board of governors, youth workers, foster and care providers and families; corrections, CYFs, police, health providers and anyone else who has contact with teenagers.

Our information is entirely based on up-to-date scientific medical research.  Our work is scientific and evidence based, our message is positive and is important to our whole community.


As a rule we need to cover the presenter’s cost plus travel expenses if the venue is a reasonable distance from where we have a local presenter. Due to the fact that we customize many of our presentations, the price will vary. At times we are able to secure funding for organisations that are unable to pay the full price.

Please contact us to discuss your situation and requirements by  using our booking/enquiry form or email

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