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Like trees, children need strong foundations.

A tiny kauri seed floats on the wind and then settles. It has the genetic potential to become a mighty sheltering giant of the forest, but it needs warmth, moisture, light and space in order to thrive.

Strong kauri trees put down deep roots that anchor them firmly in the soil and prevent them blowing over in storms.

In the same way a human baby has the potential to be many things. Loving, responsive care when they are very young provides a strong basis for children to grow and flourish. Soothing, secure relationships encourage a child to be resilient and strong in the face of difficulties.

The people close to them make up their world.

You can make a real difference.

Conference 2020 – Children Thrive When Families ThriveConference Postponed click here for our update.

Consistent, responsive, loving care in the earliest years of a child’s life can grow great brains (and great individuals). Science has proven it.

A time of transition from child to adult that involves both social and emotional changes, as the brain goes through further development.

We have educators based nationwide ready to deliver educational seminars or  workshops for your community or organisation.

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