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Brainwave Review: Issue 31

We look at the research around tamariki who are bilingual. Whether they are learning one, two, or more languages, tamariki do best when they spend lots of time talking with their parents and whānau. Our second article aims to support those working with children and their whānau to understand how family violence affects children. It […]

Being Bilingual: Learning Two Languages

Children learn a lot from knowing two or more languages. It supports their development in many ways. Whether a child is learning one, two, three or more languages, they do best when they spend lots of time talking with their parents and whānau. Mostly, children benefit from parents and other adults speaking the language(s) they are most comfortable using, […]

Brainwave Review: Issue 30

We talk about research uncovered by our Knowledge Manager – Keryn O’Neill around tamariki and technology, plus we give you some insights into supporting children’s social and emotional development. To read the full review, click here