Brainwave Review Issue 27: Supporting and understanding the teenage years

Our latest edition of the Brainwave Review gives you insight into supporting and understanding the teenage years.

The first article Rethinking Teen Drinking explores what the research indicates around alcohol use in the teenage years.  Adolescence is an exciting and important time in development; there are many opportunities, but there are also some risks. A tricky issue for almost every parent is alcohol. Everyone has an opinion about the age teens should start drinking, and how
much influence their parents should wield.

The second article goes on to consider Explaining Social and Emotional Changes during adolescence There are big changes going on in adolescents’ lives. Not only physical changes, but also important changes in social and emotional development, as they move from being a child to becoming an adult. Although we sometimes expect them to think and behave like an adult, their brain is very different to an adult’s brain and won’t be fully developed until they’re in their twenties.

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