Rethinking the nappy

When we think about adults spending quality time with children, I wonder if it’s just me, or does your mind go straight to sentimental sorts of scenes: cosy board games by the fire, baby crawling through the daffodils of his first spring, perhaps a slow-motion shot of family laughing as child toddles through lapping waves. Read more

Tots, toddlers and TV. The potential harm…

While TV watching has been a common activity for several decades, the huge increase in TV and other media targeted at and watched by very young children has been described as “a large uncontrolled experiment on today’s infants and toddlers.” Read more

From Certainty to Complexity

Isolated studies, or even bodies of research on a particular topic, can only ever tell part of the complex story that underpins infant and child brain development. Risk & protective factors provide a more balanced and scientifically sound context. Read the full article here.

Wiring the Brain

We now understand much about how a child’s brain develops and how it is affected by experience in either a positive or negative fashion. This development starts before birth and continues through the teenage years when adolescence adds further complexity to the young person’s development. Read more

Link between adverse childhood experiences and adult health issues

Our understanding of the link between adverse childhood experiences and adult health issues has been deepened by longitudinal research from the United States. These findings indicate strong links between adverse experiences during childhood and adolescence, and medical problems and unhealthy behaviours that occur later in life. Read more

Drinking for Two: How Alcohol in Pregnancy Affects the Developing Child

Can alcohol do harm to an unborn baby’s brain? In this article Brainwave Educator Norma Hayward looks at the evidence around how alcohol in pregnancy may affect the developing child. Click here to learn more.

Banking on Self Control

According to the research, people with high levels of self control make better choices and live healthier lives. But how do we build self control? Lauren Porter examines this in her article Banking on Self Control.