Short-term highs, long-term risks

While many people can use cannabis and not seem to suffer ill-effects directly, the younger, the longer, and the more often people use cannabis, the more likely they are to suffer from a range of harms later in life. It may not be at all clear to them, or others, that their use of cannabis has contributed to their difficulties.

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You Got This! Coronavirus – an opportunity for resilience

These are very strange times we’re living in. There are many things we previously took for granted that we can’t do, or have, right now.

There is something we do have, though – the opportunity to support the resilience of the tamariki in our whānau. (And yes, our own resilience as well!)

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Tamariki and Technology: Insights From The Research

Our babies are surrounded by rapidly advancing technology. We absorb ever-changing information technology into our lives at a breakneck speed.  But many are wondering how this technology affects babies and young children?

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Another Way of Looking at Teens: Positive Youth Development

In this article, we have a closer look at teens, and how we as adults can actively assist rangatahi to develop the skills they’ll need to thrive.

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Re-thinking teen drinking

Adolescence is an exciting and important time in development; there are many opportunities, but there are also some risks.
A tricky issue for almost every parent is alcohol. Everyone has an opinion about the age teens should start drinking, and how
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Why Reading Matters

The quantity and quality of language children experience in their interactions with parents and whānau during their earliest months and years has a profound and potentially lasting influence on their language and cognitive development.  Read the full article here

Nourishing our babies: why listening and talking matter

We all know children need adequate nutrition to enable their body to grow in healthy ways. While this is vital, it is not sufficient for children to grow well. Extending on the concept of nourishing a child’s body, “language nutrition refers to the idea that an environment with sufficient language exposure is critical to…nourish a child’s brain.”1
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Feeding your baby’s brain

You already know that your baby needs good food to grow a healthy body.  Did you also know you can help grow their brain when you talk to them?  For more about how, read here