An insight into adolescence

Adolescence is often portrayed as a time of difficult and challenging behaviours. Yet it’s possible to view adolescence in a much more positive light. Recent research may help adults understand and appreciate the remarkable changes that are taking place. read more

Impact of alcohol and marijuana on the adolescent brain – Radio NZ Podcast

Dr Lindsay Squeglia is a leading U.S. neuroscience researcher, visiting New Zealand for a symposium on Alcohol, Marijuana and the Adolescent Brain – organised by the Brainwave Trust.

She conducted the first longitudinal research on adolescents aged 12 to 18 exploring the effects of alcohol and cannabis on young people’s behaviours and performance. This involved scanning the brains of drinking and non-drinking teenagers over three years. Read more

Economic justification for early investment well acknowledged in report

The Health Select Committee, who were investigating ways to improve outcomes for children in New Zealand, report is out. Brainwave Trust contributed to this by way of two submissions, the second was at the request of the committee. Brainwave’s Treasurer, Anthea Springford prepared a comprehensive economic justification for investing in the first few years, this is well acknowledged in the report. Read more

Babies and Booze

Alcohol Healthwatch, Well Women and Family Trust and The Rotary Club of Parnell recently launched the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Youth Social Media Campaign. Read more

Love Connection

Your child’s first two to three years will affect her whole life. But when it comes to creating that all-important loving bond, the pressures of modern life – to earn more money, keep up with the Jones’s and answer that endlessly beeping phone – can get in the way. Emily Simpson talks to teacher and children’s advocate Miriam McCaleb about love, science and loud espresso machines. Read more

Mother of a Mission

Judy Bailey, our wonderful Trustee & presenter, spoke out for Brainwave in an interview for the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine, January 2010 edition. Read more

Child Protection – Radio NZ Podcast

Recently Sue Wright, our Executive Director was one of a number of people interviewed by Andrew McRae for the Radio New Zealand Insight programme which aired on Sunday morning, 24th July  and again on Monday evening 25th July.  Read more