Embracing Imperfection

In a world surrounded by limitless access to information on parenting, and a strive for parenting perfection, author Miriam McCaleb implores us to accept good enough parenting as just that, good enough! She encourages us to put down our devices and to stop overanalyising all aspects of our parenting, and rather take a deep breath, slow down and prioritise our relationships with our children so we don’t miss those special moments. Read Embracing Imperfection here.

The Experience of Poverty for Infants and Young Children

New Zealand childhood poverty rates have almost doubled since the 1980s, affecting the wellbeing of a large number of NZ children. Poverty is difficult to define. Read more

Setting the Record Straight on Perry Preschool

Keryn O’Neill, Senior Researcher at Brainwave Trust, looks at some of the misinterpretations of the Perry Preschool early intervention study and how it applies or doesn’t apply to early childhood education in NZ. The attempts to use evidence when developing policy to enhance outcomes for New Zealand’s children are to be applauded. Research can certainly be a very useful tool in determining which of the multiple options facing Government are likely to effectively contribute to improved wellbeing for children. However, like the tools used by the Kiwi DIY-er, correct use is necessary for a positive result. Read more

The Amazing Social Capabilities of Babies

From birth babies have some sophisticated social capacities (Beebe & Lachmann, 2002), which they use to maintain a relationship with their primary caregiver. These social capacities are established in the days and weeks after birth. Read more

Stress: The good, the bad and the ugly

We often hear how resilient babies and young children are to the stresses in their lives, and those felt by their parents. However, scientific knowledge has shattered this myth. Brainwave Senior Researcher Keryn O’Neill shows how stress experienced by young children and their parents can affect a child’s brain development Read more

Learning is child’s play

The message that the first few years of life are extremely important for brain development is becoming more widely known.

What may be less clear is how to put this knowledge into practise. Parents wanting to give their child the best start are faced with a huge variety of choice and much commercially-driven pressure to ensure that their child makes the most of this developmental opportunity. Read more

Rethinking the nappy

When we think about adults spending quality time with children, I wonder if it’s just me, or does your mind go straight to sentimental sorts of scenes: cosy board games by the fire, baby crawling through the daffodils of his first spring, perhaps a slow-motion shot of family laughing as child toddles through lapping waves. Read more

Tots, toddlers and TV. The potential harm…

While TV watching has been a common activity for several decades, the huge increase in TV and other media targeted at and watched by very young children has been described as “a large uncontrolled experiment on today’s infants and toddlers.” Read more