Managing Infant’s Trauma after the Earthquake

People often believe that infants are not affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes because they are “too young to remember” so they are not really affected.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Read more

Green Paper for Vulnerable Children

The Green Paper for Vulnerable Children is a discussion document which the government is using to test public opinion on how to improve outcomes for vulnerable children. Read more

Child Protection – Radio NZ Podcast

Recently Sue Wright, our Executive Director was one of a number of people interviewed by Andrew McRae for the Radio New Zealand Insight programme which aired on Sunday morning, 24th July  and again on Monday evening 25th July.  Read more

Alcohol In Our Lives Submission (2009)

In the Brainwave Trust’s submission in response to the discussion document released by the Law Commission in 2009, we drew attention to the damage alcohol can do to growing brains, both in pregnancy and during adolescence. We are the first generation of adults and policy makers to have access to this material. Even as recently as 1999 when the decision was made to lower the drinking age in New Zealand, knowledge about brain development in adolescence was not known.