Growing Great Brains

Our courses take the world-wide science on early and adolescent brain development and apply this to the children you care for and work with.

Build knowledge and understanding of early brain development and the lifelong impact this can have on children.

Science shows that responsive, nurturing care during a child’s first few years of life helps create healthy brain development. This is significant and has life long implications in that it can affect how a child behaves and responds emotionally, learns at school and ultimately becomes a productive person in society.

Understand the latest research on adolescent brain changes and the why behind the behaviours we observe as a child transitions through adolescence to an adult.

During adolescents there are a range of factors that influence the behaviour; understanding the dynamics of adolescence and the brain changes that occur is useful for anyone who cares for or work with adolescents.

Current programmes are:

The Early Years Last Forever

Unravelling the Adolescent Brain

“I will definitely treasure the knowledge I have now of brain development forever thank you!”

Early Childhood Educator

“I loved it and found it so interesting and it definitely gives me lots to think about and action over the years ahead with my wee boy.”

Mother, Christchurch

“… we were genuinely captivated and left wanting more. It was fascinating to look at brain development in this way and to consider again the impact it has on teaching. After many years of teaching I quickly recognised so many of the children I work with and have worked with.”

Deputy Principal – Primary School, Auckland