Whakamana i te tamaiti: The Early Years Last Forever

Our fresh, engaging and interactive seminar gives you up-to-date research from multiple disciplines including neuroscience, attachment, genetics, psychology and infant mental health. It aims to help build knowledge and understanding of the importance of early brain development and the lifelong impact this can have on children.

Participants will be given information that is likely to – affirm much of what you are already doing; encourage you to do some things differently; and, perhaps challenge some of the ways we think about young children, in order to help every child get the best start in life.

Introductory Seminar: 1.5 – 2 hours $460
Half Day Workshop: 3 – 3.5 hours $800
Full Day Workshop: 6 – 7 hours $1500

Programmes can be tailored. Travel expenses may apply if an educator is not available in your area.

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Topics include:

Early experiences shape brain architecture
Early experiences can help or hinder brain development
Loving relationships and attachment
Stress and self regulation
How adults can provide a healthy environment for children

“I loved it and found it so interesting, and it definitely gives me lots to think about and action over the years ahead with my wee boy.” 


“… we were genuinely captivated and left wanting more. It was fascinating to look at brain development in this way and to consider again the impact it has on teaching. After many years of teaching I quickly recognised so many of the children I work with and have worked with.” 

Deputy PrincipalAuckland

“Hearing and seeing how a baby’s brain develops this way often feels like salt in the wound but knowing I can take this information and some day apply it makes it worthwhile.” 


“Easy to understand but very useful. Good knowledge but framed in ways easy to understand”

Social WorkerChristchurch

“Very informative, lively presentation. Clear and practical explanation” 

Community Development CoordinatorChristchurch