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Articles and Resources: COVID-19 – Reliable Sources of Information

Social media is currently filled with information, some of it misinformation, about COVID-19. For those who want to understand more about what is currently known about this virus, and how to minimise its spread, we suggest the following websites.

Unite Against COVID-19

New Zealand Ministry of Health

Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor (NZ)

World Health Organisation

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US)

Strategies for Coping with Coronavirus:  Coronavirus: How to cope with the mental fallout

Strategies for Coping with Coronavirus

Coronavirus: how to cope with the mental fallout

ACEs informed tips for self-care during a pandemic

How we can nurture our mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic

Working well from home

How mindfulness can help during covid-19 from Child Mind Institute

Anxiety and coping with coronavirus from Child Mind Institute

Resources for Supporting Children

There are a number of helpful resources for parents, whānau and teachers, to assist in helping children and young people understand what is going on, and how to meet their needs.

How to teach your children how hand washing helps prevents the spread of coronavirus:  Dr Michelle Dickinson aka Nanogirl

How to Talk to Kids about the Coronavirus: Child Mind Institute

Talking to Children about Coronavirus: American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

How to Talk to your Teen: Harvard Medical School

How to Talk to your Kids about Coronavirus: PBS Kids

Helping Children cope with stress during the Covid-19 outbreak, by WHO

How to talk to kids and teens about the coronavirus, from Psychology Today

Helping Children Cope with Coronavirus and Uncertainty from Harvard Graduate School of Education

7 ways to support kids and teens through the coronavirus pandemic from the Clay Center for Healthy Young Minds

Helping children cope with changes resulting from Covid-19, National Association of School Psychologists(US)

Supporting our Teens

How to talk to teens about the new coronavirus, from Harvard Medical School

How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus from UNICEF

Supporting teenagers and young adults during the coronavirus crisis from Child Mind Institute

Helping children and teens cope with anxiety about Covid-19 Seattle Children’s Hospital

Activities with Children at Home

Whānau may be spending more time at home in the coming time, if so these links to suggestions for home-based activities may be helpful.

Talking is Teaching

First Things First

Coronavirus lockdown at home: a guide to online resources for kids from RNZ

Collections of Resources

Covid-19 information for caregivers from Oranga Tamariki

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources & Information for the Workforce and for Whānau from Werry Workforce Whāraurau

Infant Mental Health Association Aotearoa NZ

Tips for families: Coronavirus Zero to Three


The following organisations have resources and suggestions for parents and other adults who are supporting children and young people following traumatic events. We hope these will be helpful, both for adults and the children or young people they are supporting.

Ministry of Health (these resources are available in English, Arabic, Indonesian, Malay and Turkish with further translations underway) – click here

Oranga Tamariki – click here

The Parenting Place – click here

Save the Children – click here

Ministry of Education – click here

University of Southern California – click here

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – click here

American Academy of Pediatrics – click here

Mental Health Foundation – click here

Beyond Blue – click here

Whakmana te tamaiti. The early years last forever

Resources are available for purchase or download. They can be purchased by clicking here; alternatively they can be downloaded below.

Early Years Last Forever Pamphlet – click here.

Early Years Last Forever Booklet – click here.

Other Resources

Transcript to the speech by Jim Sole a White Ribbon event, to read click here.