For further information we have listed links to other websites. We have listed them in two categories: Science and Research based information and Parenting and Child based information.  

Science & Research

The ChildTrauma Academy is a not-for-profit organization based in Houston, Texas focused on education, service delivery and program consultation in the areas of child maltreatment. It is headed by Dr. Bruce Perry.

Scientific Council, Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University.
Chair: Jack P. Shonkoff This site has reliable scientific articles, reports and research. The National Scientific Council on the Developing Child (NSCDC) is a multi-disciplinary collaboration comprising leading scholars in neuroscience, early childhood development, pediatrics, and economics. Created to seize the opportunity that arose from response to the landmark report from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development, the Council works to build strong, informed, bipartisan leadership in both the public and private sectors to close the gap between what we know and what we do to promote successful learning, adaptive behavior, and sound physical and mental health for all young children.

Zero to Three offers a comprehensive interactive resource for parents and early childhood education professionals on healthy development of children ages zero to three …

Early Childhood Connections. This is an Australian site, based at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.  The Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH) has been at the forefront of Australian research into early childhood development and behaviour for over two decades.  They have a number of publications & access to research documents, as well as an excellent links directory to relevant sites all over the world. Brainwave is listed here under the category of Child Development.

Counties Manukau Webhealth has been specifically developed to provide another avenue of access for people to connect with Health and Social Services. This website was built because they believe that people have the strengths and abilities to find their own solutions to issues in their lives when they have access to the best possible information and resources.

The Werry Centre is housed within the Department of Psychological Medicine in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Auckland, and incorporates:

  • workforce development for the child and adolescent mental health sector
  • workforce teaching in child and adolescent mental health research in the child and adolescent mental health field
  • and workforce development in this field.

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research.
One of the main missions of the CIBSR is to assess brain development and function and specific genetic influences in children, and to understand how this information is associated with behavioral and cognitive variation. A particular focus is on individuals with genetic, neuropsychiatric, and neurodevelopmental conditions that affect learning, emotion, and behavior.

An undergraduate journal on musing of mind from  Harvard University.

Professor Phil Fisher of Harvard University Center of the Developing Child interviewed on Radio NZ in March 2018.


Parent and Child

Look here for practical information & advice at every age level.

This wonderful organisation was founded by Ian and Mary Grant. They have so much fantastic, practical information for parents.  Also check out their events seminars and events at The Parenting Place. Brainwave holds a public presentation there each term.

Great Potentials’ vision is for well-nurtured children within well functioning families, contributing to safe communities and a prosperous nation. Read about their fabulous programmes for families & children. Their CEO, Lesley Max is one of our close advisors.

Plunket is New Zealand’s largest provider of support services for the development, health & well-being of children under the age of 5. They also have much practical information and advice listed by age group.

Parents Centres NZ Inc is the primary provider of antenatal Education and childbirth support in New Zealand, with 120 plus diploma and certified Childbirth Educators.
Parents Centres NZ Inc has 51 Centres across the country and provides one of the largest parenting networks and associated infrastructure to support parents and their children aged 0-6.
They offer wide ranging support and education in the community across all aspects of parenting from pre birth to school ready.

The Centre for Attachment is a New Zealand-based agency dedicated to providing support, education and training for families, organisations and communities on optimal child development and attachment.  It is run by Lauren Porter , a Brainwave Presenter in Christchurch  and Kate Dent-Rennie.

All about Attachment Based Parenting. We use many of their principles in our work.

Jigsaw is a national organisation focused on the wellbeing of all New Zealand children and their families. The diverse group of independent, community-based social service agencies that make up the Jigsaw network, advocate against all forms of child abuse, neglect, and family violence and provide support to families so they can raise their children in safe and nurturing ways.  Brainwave is one of the member organisations of Jigsaw.

Whanua Living about bilingual brains in children.

Families Commission.

The Australian Parenting website  from the Australian Government.

Attachment Parenting International; endorsed by Bruce Perry.

Safe from the Start is an innovative, early intervention and evidence based project initiated by The Salvation Army, which has won the top National Crime & Violence Prevention Award in 2011 and a Child Protection Award in 2010.