Setting the Record Straight on Perry Preschool

Keryn O’Neill, Senior Researcher at Brainwave Trust, looks at some of the misinterpretations of the Perry Preschool early intervention study and how it applies or doesn’t apply to early childhood education in NZ. The attempts to use evidence when developing policy to enhance outcomes for New Zealand’s children are to be applauded. Research can certainly be a very useful tool in determining which of the multiple options facing Government are likely to effectively contribute to improved wellbeing for children. However, like the tools used by the Kiwi DIY-er, correct use is necessary for a positive result. The much–publicised Perry Preschool project has been frequently misinterpreted to advocate for extending centre-based early childhood education (ECE). Brainwave Senior Researcher Keryn O’Neill explores this particular early intervention in more depth in her article here.