The Amazing Social Capabilities of Babies

From birth babies have some sophisticated social capacities (Beebe & Lachmann, 2002), which they use to maintain a relationship with their primary caregiver. These social capacities are established in the days and weeks after birth. This three part series shares some insights into baby’s amazing capabilities. Kate Dent Rennie, Co-Director of the Centre for Attachment, and Sue Wright, Brainwave Executive Director, review the research in this area in a three part series.

Part 1: The Amazing Social Capabilities of Babies.

Part 2: Part 2 explores how very early in life babies develop a sense of themselves as separate to others, they actively learn how to interact with their environment and their parents/caregivers.

Part 3: This third and final piece in the series examines some of the more complex developments of babies, including perception of time, space, connections between objects and reading emotion. It finishes by looking at what babies cannot do, and the important role of their parent or primary caregiver.