We have a number of different programmes designed to inform both generally and to specially targeted audiences. We will present to anyone who will listen but seek out those people of most need and most influence. We ensure that all material we produce has high levels of scientific accuracy and integrity.


We provide the following premier educational programmes:

Research Literature Reviews

We examine the recent scientific literature and prepare a review of the material in an accessible way. Recent reviews include:


This website contains a wealth of further reading and links to articles of interest. We regularly update the website with new features and articles of interest.


The Brainwave educational material is also adapted for specially targeted audiences. In particular where there are opportunities to improve the care of and outcomes for our next generation. These include:

    • Men and Women’s correctional facilities
    • Secondary Schools
    • Teen Parent Units


Brainwave is a small organisations which wants to make big changes but we recognise that we can’t do it all ourselves. We work alongside a range of organisations from large government departments such as the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to other NGOs like HIPPY and Plunket Nurses.


We prepare a number of resources to support our presentation and to reinforce the material provided. These include:

Twice a year we publish a comprehensive newsletter which covers a wide range of well-researched evidence based articles. Feedback tells us that this is a widely-read and well received newsletter. The newsletter is available on our website or by free subscription by signing up on this website. Click here to view our new and archived newsletters


We continue to run a successful conference programme with international and local leaders in the field of various aspects of infant brain development. Recent speakers have included:

    • Dr Robyn Mildon, 2020
    • Prof Philip Fisher, 2018
    • Dr Lindsay Squeglia, 2014
    • Dr Bruce Perry, 2012 & 2005
    • Dr Shari Barkin, 2008
    • Family Ties – Professor Lou Cozolino et al (with Centre for Attachment), 2007
    • Dr Karlen Lyons-Ruth (with DSAC), 2006


Brainwave provides evidence-based responses to current issues such as recent submissions to the Law Commission on the effects of alcohol on brain development and to Safer Journeys on adolescent brain development.