Brainwave Trust Aotearoa

Brainwave Trust officially began in 1998 as The Aotearoa/New Zealand Infant Brain Development Trust. In 2009 we changed our name officially to Brainwave Trust Aotearoa. We are based in Auckland, but operate throughout the country and provide educational presentations in both the North & South Islands.

We are registered with the Charities Commission and were initally founded by New Plymouth Paediatrician Dr Robin Fancourt. Robin is internationally respected for her work with abused and neglected children and the author of “Brainy Babies” published by Penguin books.

Brainwave was formed as a response to new scientific evidence on the impact that experiences in the early years have on the brain development of a child.

Brainwave’s vision is that one day every child in New Zealand will get the best start in life because parents and the whole community understand and value the impact early experiences have on the developing brain and thus on the success of our society.

“The feedback we receive from the community is overwhelmingly positive. A unique aspect of Brainwave’s work is how they bring public awareness to the importance of a child’s first three years. In this, they are the New Zealand benchmark… it is this consciousness raising that is culture changing and this is one of the things Brainwave Trust excels at.”

Dave OwensFounder of Great Fathers

The Brainwave Trust has a unique role in the child wellbeing space, researching and communicating in plain English the information needed for people to understand neuroscience.” 

Hon Deborah Morris-TravisChild Right’s Advocate, UNICEF

“… the essential message it [Brainwave Trust] conveys is undoubtedly important and relevant, addressing, as it does, an area of real concern in our community. The downstream effects of the failure to provide the proper environment for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society are well documented and come at great cost, not only financially but also socially. Our students are tomorrow’s parents and it is incumbent upon us to prepare them for what is ahead.” 

Stuart MeyerTeacher, Aorere College

Our work supports the following organisations with whom we have strong working relationships:

  • Government agencies including Child, Youth & Family Service, NZ Police, Ministry of Social Development, Children’s Commission, and Safer Cities
  • Great Potentials Foundation
  • Plunket
  • Parent’s Inc. & The Parenting Centre
  • Jigsaw
  • Barnardos
  • Family Start
  • Family Violence Prevention
  • Stopping Family Violence Services
  • Family Safety Teams
  • District Health Boards
  • Ministry of Education
  • PAFT
  • Life Education Trust
  • Playcentres

Brainwave Personnel

Brainwave is made up of paediatric, medical, educational, legal, academic and business professionals. See the Our People section for details.