Why should we care? The neglect and abuse of children in New Zealand

Society reaps what it sows in nurturing its children. Whether abuse of a child is physical, psychological, or sexual, it sets off a ripple of hormonal changes that wire the child’s brain to cope with a malevolent world. It predisposes the child to have a biological basis for fear, though he may act and pretend otherwise.” (Teicher, 2016)

Hilary Nobilo, researcher for Brainwave Trust completed a literature review into the effects of neglect and abuse on New Zealand children. At the time of writing this article, a young child had recently been killed by his caregivers. By now, there may be more who have died. These deaths prompt a wave of response from many New Zealanders who are concerned for our unacceptably high numbers of child abuse and neglect victims.

In this article Hilary outlines why need to care about these children, and about the loss of those who die. And also why we must care about the many more children who are maltreated and survive, because the consequences for their lives can be huge, and the cost to our communities incalculable.


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